Hochladen von Bildern und Videos in Teasern

Uploading images or videos

The following description applies for both images and videos.

Placing a picture or video in the teaser is done by placing a 'IMAGE' or ‘VIDEO’ placeholder in the formatting bar. The image will be embedded according to the style rules. How to insert placeholders is described under create and edit teaser entries.

The actual image(s) will be added in the 'Images' tab as shown below.

Images are uploaded by clicking on the "+"-button. Alternatively, it is possible to drag-and-drop selected images from a file browser directly onto the "+"-button.

In the teaser, images will be shown in the order they are listed here. Meaning, the first 'IMAGE'-placeholder will show the first image in the image list, the second 'IMAGE'-placeholder will show the second image, etc. The same applies for videos.

Meta-data and properties of an image can be edited in the right column. This includes the:

  • Image title
  • Alternative description: Indexed by search engines, enter topic related description
  • Copyright note: Will be shown in the image according to style guidelines
  • Image size: scales an image or video to: (small) 25%, (medium) 50% or (large) 100% of an teaser width
  • Image alignment: left, center, right
  • 'use as teaser image': A checkmark here means the selected image is used at its placeholder position AND as the header image in the teaser.
  • 'hide in teaser': A checkmark here means the selected image is hidden in the teaser. If the 'use as teaser image' is checked as well, the selected image will only be used as the teaser image and does not appear in the teaser.

For more information check out the Teaser module section.

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