Whitelist settings to display images in client

It's pretty common for email administrators to set up custom rules within their email filtering software so that emails which match both of these conditions will be accepted (and all others rejected). There is very little likelihood of someone sending from CM's servers and using your domain in the Friendly From address, so that's generally an acceptable solution for email admins.

Custom Rules

1. Rule

  • The email contains one of Campaign Manager's sending domains within the 'Return-Path' address (bounce tracking)
  • Campaign Manager uses one of these domains in the Return-path: through
  • Whitelist Campaign Manager's domains ( through, as any email sent from Campaign Manager will contain these domains in the return path.

2. Rule

  • The email contains your domain in the 'Friendly From' address
  • In that rule, they'd also require the return-path above and that the email was coming e.g. from a FROM email-address.
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